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Here is the full Q&A with Claes Bang from @_thisisnotamerica_ on Instagram.

How would you describe your musical style?

Well, perhaps it’s always a bit difficult to put a label on yourself, but it’s obviously pop/rock, with quite a lot of ’80s influence, I think it’s pretty obvious that I have been listening a lot to Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Human League, the list seems endless.

What is your creative process when it comes to writing a song? For example: do you write the lyrics first, then the music, or the other way round?

It always starts with the music, chords, tune and melody, or a beat or bassline, either working with my guitar or keyboard or programming something on my computer, and the lyrics always come after.

Which part of the creative process do you enjoy the most? 

I enjoy all of it actually, it’s very much the opposite of what I do as an actor, where I am always collaborating with a lot of people, which I totally love and enjoy, but I also find an equal amount of pleasure in the antidote, which is sitting totally on my own, and I get to be the boss of it all.

Who are your musical heroes? Who inspires you?

I suppose the former (answer to part 1) also answers a bit of this, but of course also Bowie, Ferry, Prince and George Michael, Danish acts Gangway and Love Shop, Kasper Winding and Lars Hug, and of the more contemporary stuff I really love listening to Beach House, The XX, Ladytron, Hatchie and Tame Impala.

What inspires you to write your lyrics?

Whatever happens to me or goes on around me. I think my lyrics are always a feeling or notion or thought or emotion of perhaps just a few seconds, and then I blow it up and stretch it out over a song, and I would never reveal or explain what’s behind a lyric, so it that sense, don’t ask me what they are about, they mean what they mean to you.

You have collaborated with a few different artists/producers. What would be your dream collaboration?

Well, this year to have had Kasper Winding produce two tracks for me, is something I never dreamed would happen. And currently Henrik Balling of my alltime favourite Danish band Gangway is working on some of my songs, which is also something I never dared to hope for. But obviously if the Pet Shop Boys could be persuaded to produce a song for me….

What made you decide to start writing music, and how long have you been writing for?

Well, I have been playing the piano and writing songs since I was 16 or 17, I’ve been in bands, but I suppose the thing that really got it going, was when I got my first computer and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation. The software Claes uses is: Ableton, Reason and Logic) in 2002ish.

Which of your tracks is your personal favourite?

My own favourites are probably Run, No One and Butterflies (In December)

What was the first track you ever recorded?

Don’t come crying.

What is your favourite song/album (or perhaps, what are you listening to a lot of right now if that is too hard to answer!)

You know that’s a question that’s almost impossible to answer, but if I can pick only one, it would be Upstairs at Erics by Yazoo. These days I’m listening a lot to Tame Impala.

How do you regard your music now? Do you still see it as a hobby, or something more? And where would you like to take it in the future?

A: Well, calling it a hobby has a ring of something you don’t really take all that seriously, and I do take it very seriously, so I don’t like that frame, but it’s still something that I do on the side, when I have time off from my day job. I don’t really have a plan, but I’m currently working on something like 20 songs, so it’s not as if nothing is going on.

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