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Posted on April 30, 2020 / by admin in 2020, The Northman

The Northman, a 10th century viking revenge tale from The Witch director Robert Eggers, is in the works, and here’s what we know about it so far. Although he’s only made two films so far, Eggers has already established himself as a filmmaker worth following, as both The Witch and 2019’s The Lighthouse are highly unique, mentally stimulating efforts. Sure, they might annoy some moviegoers looking for a more straightforward narrative and concrete answers to every question raised, but it’s impossible to please everyone.

The Witch is the film that arguably gave rise to the “elevated horror” phrase that’s basically used to refer to arthouse horror that tells a slow burn story, doesn’t rely on Hollywood’s beloved jump scare tactics, and is content to leave viewers guessing as to what they really just saw afterward. The Lighthouse is most definitely in the same school, but takes the strangeness factor up several notches. Amusingly enough, some horror fans don’t consider either of Eggers’ films to be horror, although they definitely are, as part of horror’s appeal is just how wide a variety of film styles can exist under its umbrella.


With The Northman though, Eggers isn’t setting out to tell a horror story, although given the subject matter, it seems likely lots of horrific acts will take place within it. Here’s everything we know about Robert Eggers’ latest.


It was officially confirmed that Robert Eggers’ next directorial project would be The Northman on October 16, 2019. Production was set to begin in March 2020, but unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic led production to be halted just one week before proper filming was set to begin. It’s unclear when filming will actually start now, so trying to predict when The Northman will release is difficult. If filming does get going in the next few months, a 2021 release could be possible, but that’s a big if at this point.


The Northman sports quite the notable cast at this point, although details on their roles aren’t available. A-list icon Nicole Kidman is onboard, as are Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) and his brother Bill (IT). Anya Taylor-Joy, star of Eggers’ first film The Witch, is also part of the ensemble, as is The Lighthouse star Willem Dafoe. Rounding things out so far is Claes Bang, star of Netflix’s recent Dracula series


Details on The Northman‘s story are currently being kept close to Robert Eggers’ chest, but we do know that it’s a viking revenge saga set early in the 10th century. The Northman‘s cinematographer, Jarin Blaschke, called the film “dark and unusually violent” and hinted at Eggers possibly turning it into the beginning of a trilogy. Eggers has also said that the scale of The Northman has required him to alter his usual pre-production process. With those things in mind, it sounds like The Northman is shaping up to be an epic adventure. 


Posted on April 30, 2020 / by admin in 2020, Podcast, The Last Vermeer

Danish actor Claes Bang took time during the COVID-19 lockdown to talk with HFPA journalist Tina Jøhnk Christensen about his latest projects, from the recent release of Dracula to the new film The Last Vermeer, which had its premiere in early March. They also talk about his life during quarantine, the highs and lows of awards season, what he loves about England and London, and more.

Posted on April 27, 2020 / by admin in 2020


Martina from Claes Bang Italy have put together this wonderful video of fans from all over the world wishing Claes a Happy Birthday

Posted on April 22, 2020 / by admin in 2020


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Posted on April 14, 2020 / by admin in 2020


EXCLUSIVE: Here’s a positive news story in challenging times. Filming is underway on a charitable, filmed-from-home pilot starring Brian Cox (Succession), Claes Bang (The Square) and journalist-presenter Mariella Frostrup, among others.

UK producer Maggie Monteith (Swimming With Men) has enlisted an all-female, transatlantic team of writer-directors for whodunnit The Agoraphobics Detective Society, whose proceeds will go to UK and U.S. film and TV freelancers impacted by coronavirus.

The pilot for the eight-episode show will see a distraught group of patients band together to find a renowned expert psychiatrist who disappears without explanation.

Also among actors filming their parts digitally from home during the lockdown are Ian Harvie (Transparent), Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Misfits), Antonia Campbell-Hughes (Kelly + Victor), Grace Van Patten (The Meyerowitz Stories), Nicole Ansari-Cox (Remember Me), Simon Kunz (The Parent Trap) and Josephine Butler (Doctors).

The pilot will be available to view later this month at the Pinpoint Presents site and viewers will be asked to donate what they can afford to view. Funds will go to the UK’s Film And TV Charity and the Motion Picture & TV Fund in the U.S.

The writer-directors of the pilot comprise Dolly Wells (Doll and Em), Suzi Ewing (10×10) and Heidi Greensmith (Winter).

The Souvenir and Swimming with Men’s David Raedeker is undertaking cinematography duties, Connor Hamill is looking after camerawork and Anousha Payne and Ryan Thomas are providing production design. Denise Coombes and Karen Bertellotti are handling costume design and Mandi Anderson is providing make-up and hair consultation.

Adelina Bichis and Gideon Gold are editing, and post-production services are provided by Pat Wintersgill at Film Shed and Nick Baldock of Art4Noise. Walter Mair is composer and is due to shortly reveal collaborations with U.S. artists for the soundtrack.

Producer Monteith told us about the project she originated, “The logistics of filming where people are sheltering in place was the toughest logistics problem to solve outside the mystery of international time zones. A bespoke solution was found for each actor, according to their phones, laptops and computers. A combination of downloadable apps and enhancements, and help delivered in the form of props, wardrobe, hair and makeup products and tech items, made it possible to get usable takes.”

Posted on April 11, 2020 / by admin in 2020, Music, This Is Not America

Two-track single out: ‘Here we go’ with Marina and a re-recording of ‘Don’t come crying’. Link in bio.

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Posted on April 07, 2020 / by admin in 2020, Audiobook, Podcast

Posted on April 04, 2020 / by admin in 2020


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Elly Rosa has arrived!!:-) Proud grand dad:-) Big, big congratulations Sara&Peter!!!

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Posted on April 03, 2020 / by admin in 2020, Audiobook, Podcast


Link for the podcast 

Posted on April 02, 2020 / by admin in 2020, Audiobook

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