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Our Full exc Q and A with Claes, thank you so much Claes for doing this Q&A!



What’s next?
With covid still at play, everything is a bit up in the air at moment, there are some really interesting projects that have been offered to me, just don’t know when they will happen.


What was your favourite role?
The Evil
Rogozjin/The Idiot
Christian/The Square


A few of your recent projects have been adapted from books, if you could choose a book to appear in the screenplay of what would it be and what character would you play?

“Danish novel Hærværk/Havoc, character Jastrau”


If you could work with any actor living or dead who would it be?

“Richard Burton”


How long does it usually take from getting the script to the production starts?

“For me it’s been everything from a week to a year”


What’s been your most challenging role?

“They can be challenging in many ways, physically challenging, emotionally, perhaps you need to learn a special skill, the way the director works can be a challenge, in a way all of them  have been challenging in one way or another,  and that’s how it should be I think, I like a challenge, I thrive on it.”


What’s your method for remembering your lines?

“To me there’s no secret trick, I just keep rehearsing them over and over till I got it, it helps to do something physical at the same time or play around with a ball or something like that.”


Will you do more audio books in English?

“Sure, love doing audiobooks, bring them on.”


Do you have a humorous story that you could share with us from your acting career?

“Well I did think when they approached me: “Is there really need for one more Dracula”, but I totally ended up enjoying doing it, and I’m also quite proud of what we turned out.”


What’s it like to act in different languages and is there one you prefer to act in?

“Not really sure here, I don’t think have a preferred language they all seem to have their own quality, and then again, I somehow strangely feel really at home in english, even if it isn’t my first language.”


Is there a difference and if so, what is the difference between working on movies abroad and home and is there a difference between how the movies are promoted?

“On the day in front of the camera with my fellow actors there’s no difference.”



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